Marco Rubio

I would like to remind you that you work for us, the citizens of Florida, NO one else. We expect you to study each and every vote, proposed position and policy with the litmus test of how this will affect us, the people of Florida. I would like to see a transparent policy whereas you openly list the pros and cons of each vote concerning the people of Florida, all the people of Florida. In case you forgot, we are White, Black and Latino. We have the second highest population of veterans in the nation. Our average income is 47k, we are middle class. We are more women than men. Over 25% of our population is comprised of kids in school. We are of the Tourism, Aerospace, International Trade, Agriculture, Health and Biotech Industries. Almost 20% of us are retired and do not work, the highest in the nation. We do not care your party affiliation when you vote, we care about us and demand you care about us as well. I am concerned you are currently voting with a party block and NOT for us, we are your employer, not a specific party, we demand to come first. IF you work and vote for us, only us, you have all the support and direction you need and to be honest we will less likely disagree with your action. Take action, for us!