The issues with Mexico and the US are not as easy as building a barrier.  In fact, I think it requires two bridges and a barrier (just not the solid, old school kind).

As a mom of 3 kids I have to say if I lived in an area of Mexico where crime was high I would be moving as well.  I would go to the safest place for my kids and if that was not in Mexico I would cross a border.  Yes, I would hope that I could come to the US legally. However, if that was not possible and the US was not going to provide a green card to a college professor, I would come regardless.  After all, this is the safety of my family.  I find it hard to believe anyone with a family would not do the same.  Let’s face it, few if any people are coming to the US from Canada illegally, the question is why?    Crime and jobs are the answer.

Bridge one

If the US can honestly justify going into Iraq and helping the country establish peace, why are we not working with the Mexican government to curb crime in Mexico.  If we can aid in cutting crime in Mexico, many natives would not feel the need to leave.  Let’s face it, the US is 17th on educational performance,  53rd out of 125 in crime, 14th out of 15 on world happiness rankings,  we do pay low taxes (33 lowest out of 36 countries) but Mexico pays less, we rank last of 11 countries as of 2014 (before Obamacare) in health system quality.  If you get to select where to live, the US is not the top by any measure.  Reducing crime in Mexico would also reduce drug trafficking into the US.

Bridge two

As we clamor to bring back low paying jobs to the US from Mexico we are reducing employment opportunities in Mexico.  The US needs to be on top, educate Americans and America will rise.  Bringing low paying jobs to America versus educating our workforce is not the answer.  Currently we have an over abundance of low wage jobs here in the US and a lack of an educated workforce to fulfill many of the jobs just above these low wage jobs.  Just ask the department of transportation or the department of agriculture.   We need a system to provide short term green cards for low wage jobs.  I am stating that US citizens should have first priority for jobs, any jobs, however if the department of transportation cannot find someone to lay the asphalt on the road, they should be able to hand out enough green cards to get the job done.

the Barrier

Why oh why would we even try to build a solid wall along a border of any size within the varying terrain.  This is old school, inside the box so far you cannot even see the light of day thinking.  We need to look at each issue and determine the win, win.  So if we need a barrier, to keep the drug smugglers out (the bridges above help the rest) we need to look to cutting edge technology.  We are spending 2.9 Billion dollars annually on drone technology for our military? Why would we not further develop drone technology to identify humans on the terrain and under the terrain along the border and notify authorities. Increase the speed at which authorities can get to and deal with these identified issues.  Developing cutting edge technology is already being paid for, let’s work with that and utilize pin pointed technology to identify crime, identify areas of easy crossing, tunnels and even guard the sea access points.  Really who is sitting in Washington stating, let’s build a wall?  The person who still uses a flip phone?