Opinionated Politics

All things political from an educated mom, in hopes that my opinion matters


I am opinionated, obviously.  My family is probably tired of hearing all my ideas, yet I cannot stop throwing them out there (the ideas, not my family).

I am a mom first, mother of 3.  Due to my job I have moved my kids around the US.  I have moved 23 times in my 30 plus years as an adult.  My kids have followed and seem to have enjoyed every move (although I am not so sure I would have done so well in their shoes) attending public, private and charter schools.  I have a masters degree and am currently a college professor. At one point I just decided to stop the moving and settle down.

I am not one for labeling my opinions to a party line, I would say I am an independent, but each person reading my posts will label me differently.

I am an avid learner.  I read the AP multiple times a day, I listen to NPR daily and watch various news stations to attempt to understand a variety of opinions beyond my own.  I read the online papers and popular science magazine.

My hope is that someone will read my posts, someone who can do something about what concerns me and do some good.  I have written each of these posts as letters to my various congressmen and even the multiple presidents, yet I am sure these notes are one of a million letters and let’s just say, probably lost in the mail.